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Club Info


Established in 1998, Grand River Snowmobile Club is an incorporated, not-for-profit club which aims to see a system of national standard trails established in the Upper Lake Melville area.

In their first year the club was successful in designing and developing approximately 120 kilometers of trail using monies procured from a variety of sources, mainly government.

While the backbone of GRSC needs to rely on a strong membership, we will utilize funding from the recently established Labrador Winter trails strategy to further develop its trail system. This strategy is a multi-million dollar fund that was set up to see a region-wide system of winter trails developed.


Greg Wheeler

Mark Simpson

Monica Surina

Janice White



Rob Pilgrim

Hector Lethbridge

Bob Blizzard

Mandy Poole

Lee White

Trent Davis

Mike Boutilier

Mark Pelley



Vice President



A Message

Labrador is the perfect place for the passionate snowmobile rider.  The beautiful scenery and snow, snow, snow makes it a great destination for the casual trail rider and the adventurous, deep snow, off trail, mountain climbing, thrill seeker!

This site is a place for you to get information on the trails and upcoming events that will be happening in the area throughout the season.

Trail stickers for maintained groomed trails are a requirement by law in our province, and you are required to purchase and display a pass for each snowmobile.

Remember, the purchase of the passes help us keep our trails in top condition.  Passes can be purchased at the local snowmobile dealerships in town.

Happy Sledding!



  • Promote the use of groomed trails in the Upper Lake Melville Area as well as safety minded snowmobiling.
  • Organize and host visits from other snowmobile clubs (such as those from Labrador, West White Wolf Snowmobile Club, Fremont, and across North America).
  • Construction and maintenance of groomed snowmobile trails to a national standard in terms of signage, trail quality and safety features, i.e. survival shelters, marked crossings on roads and highways.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a clubhouse facility.
  • Organizing and conducting snowmobiling safety seminars and courses.